Tackling The Housing Shortage In Leicester And Leicestershire

builder in front of half-built house

Leicester is still ploughing away with the city and county investments into new housing in a bid to tackle the UK housing shortage.

A brand new housing scheme will see 45,000 builders trained by 2019 in order to tackle the UK housing shortage. This £2.7m initiative was announced by the Construction Industry Training Board and Home Builders Federation.

The latest figures show that 181,000 new homes were built last year up 25% year on year with the largest companies increasing their output by 50%. Despite this increase in numbers, the Home Building Skills Partnership will bring together a variety of firms to ensure the industry has the skills that it needs to build even more.

The industry is striving to meet Government targets to increase output whilst keeping high levels of quality, and it is imperative that capacity is increased to meet these demands.

The Harborough, in particular, is currently looking at ways to reach its own target of building more than 3,500 homes in a 15-year plan. This new housing development could be focused away from Market Harborough itself as disclosed in the most recent council proposals.

Where to build?

Having narrowed down the new housing location to four suitable areas; east of Lutterworth, north and east of Kibworth, Scraptoft/Thurnby and Market Harborough, the council must now assess their options and make their final decision.

Source: Tackling the housing shortage – Andrew Granger

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