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Coin stacks indicating rising property values in Leicester by Harry Albert Lettings & Estates

New Landlord Guide: Understanding The Costs of Being a Landlord and Managing Your First...

When you decide to invest in property, you will be able to generate an income which can either be used to support your current lifestyle or further invest for your retirement and property can...
Housing Benefits Leicester

Agents and Landlords Come Out Fighting Against Tenant Charities and Fake News

It doesn't take long to find news articles, videos or blog posts from the media or tenant charities engaged in a furious campaign of bashing landlords and letting agents, from Shelter complaining about discrimination...
Universal Credit poster in Leicester Job Centre

A Landlord’s Guide to Universal Credit in Leicester

Universal Credit is currently being rolled out across Leicester and the East Midlands so it's likely you know a tenant who is in receipt of universal credit whether they live in one of your...
Define Capital Gains

How Does Capital Gains Tax Affect Homeowners Selling their Home in Leicester?

If an individual sells their only or main private residence, any gain is exempt from tax under private residence relief. This includes the garden up to 0.5 hectares, or a larger area if it is...
Mortgage broker in Leicester

What Does Interest Rate Rises Mean For The Leicester Property Market?

The Bank of England has decided to raise the interest rate for the second time in a decade up from 0.5% to 0.75%, the highest level since March 2009 when measures were taken to...
Letting agent in Leicester Haart

Where Are The Easiest Properties To Buy and Sell Outside London?

If you’re looking to set up home or want to buy a property for an investment, finding a market that gets you from the enquiry stage to completion in the shortest time is key. New...
Shared Ownership in Leicester by Harry Albert Lettings & Estates

Survey Reveals Shared Ownership Only Benefits 6% of First Time Buyers

First-Time Buyers have been hit hard over recent years by rising house prices in the UK. According to the Office of National Statistics, the average cost of purchasing an entry-level property has increased by nearly...

Surge in Property Down Valuations: Who’s to Blame?

Down valuations have increased as the UK property market slows as we predicted back in January 2018. A down valuation is where an estate agent will sell a property at the value they believe...
Property with price tag representing tax. Harry Albert Lettings & Estates Leicester Letting Agent

Capital or Revenue: Which is Better for Property Investors

One of the terms used regularly in relation to property tax is 'capital vs revenue'. The distinction is important because revenue costs generally qualify for tax relief when working out your taxable profit each...
Save money on your household bills

Leicester Homeowners Save Hundreds on Broadband, Gas & Electric

One in ten people will purchase more than one service from their energy supplier, Which? Consumer Magazine revealed last month and it's no wonder as to why when homeowners in Leicester can save up...


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