Michael Heseltine’s former London home hits the market at £28 million


A house has come up for sale between Buckingham Palace and Belgrave Square which was at the heart of the great political intrigue of 1990 — though it’s been transformed since those days.

Michael Heseltine emerged from this front door in 1990 to begin Margaret Thatcher's downfall.
Michael Heseltine emerged from this front door in 1990 to begin Margaret Thatcher’s downfall.

When somebody spends almost a year and a half on a refurbishment project, you’d expect the results to be pretty spectacular. And the work that’s been done on this five-storey house in Chapel Street, Belgravia, is certainly that. Veteran Tory politician Michael Heseltine used to live here — indeed, it’s the home from which he apparently […]

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Author: Toby Keel

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