Local Businesses Form Partnership to Help You Save on your Household Bills


Harry Albert Lettings & Estates has teamed up with Leicester Property Insight to bring you ConnectUK, providing products and services that are guaranteed to save you money.

Harry Albert Lettings & Estates is Leicester’s fastest growing, leading online letting & estate agent based in Belgrave.

We’re helping Leicester tenants and their landlords and other homeowners to save money on their gas, electric, home phone, broadband and mobile phone bills. It was realised that everybody in the country is going to use electricity, the internet and a mobile phone on a regular basis, if not daily. Most will also use gas and pay for a landline so it was decided by Leicester Property Insight and ourselves to work together to bring an affordable supply of these services.

The way ConnectUK works is by finding the cheapest supplier available to consumers on the market. This is completely different from your traditional utility and broadband/media comparison websites like CompareTheMarket or GoCompare in that we will source the best deal for people living in Leicester.

Switching couldn’t be easier; when you switch, you’ll benefit from a special offer of up to £200 to cover the cost of any early termination fees which is up to £200 on top of your guaranteed savings.

To put it into perspective, when Andrew Hill, managing director of Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, switched his home energy and broadband, the savings made actually covered the cost of the line rental and broadband which was previously provided by BT. Further savings were made when Leicester Property Insight and Harry Albert Lettings & Estates collectively switched their business utilities, broadband and phone to them too. It was at this point that both companies realised they could pass these savings onto the people living in Leicester.

The leap was taken in anticipation of the student tenants who are leaving this month and next month now most courses provided by De Montfort University and Leicester University have drawn to a close until September and October when the next academic year starts. Landlords who provide flats to students in Leicester or other Leicester student accommodation will be in a brilliant position to switch the utilities in their properties and save on the cost of running their investments.

Although switching utilities causes no interruption in supply, internet and phone need a few days to be installed and activated that’s why now is the best time for landlords who provide any type of property which includes bills in the rent to switch.

Other benefits for the landlord:

  • Everything comes in one monthly bill making it easy to manage and free LED light bulbs, plus fitting, for the entire time you remain their customer (terms & conditions apply).
  • Just set up a direct debit and forget about it. You’ll pay the same amount each month and the excess you pay in the summer will make up for the increased utility usage in the winter.
  • You can keep track of everything online and reduce your bills further by shopping in your favourite shops and online using the Cashback card.
  • Customers can get a lifetime supply of free LED light bulbs which are fitted for free by experts, great for the new minimum energy efficiency rules that have come into force.

To find out more about ConnectUK and the partnership between Leicester Property Insight and Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, click here or visit www.leicesterpropertyinsight.co.uk/connectuk

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