Local Agent Takes Swing at London Agency for Consistent Poor Practices

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A Leicester letting agent has hit out at larger organisations who continually flout the rules. In this case, Harry Albert Lettings & Estates hit out at Foxtons, a large, London-based estate agency brand, for failing to be transparent and clear in their pricing structure.

This comes after reports that two branches of Foxton’s were fined alongside a handful of others £150’000 for failing to provide a clear pricing structure.

The post which was shared on Facebook by the Leicester letting agent, Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, tells Foxtons;

Foxtons should hang their heads in shame.

The post goes on to mention briefly their earlier fines for failing to prove their properties, which are routinely rented to vulnerable people, are safe; the fine was to the tune of £35’000 whilst other large players are also routinely caught out by the law.

It isn’t the first time the Leicester estate agent has hit out at much larger players than themselves; Spicerhaart was only recently convicted of managing unlicensed houses in multiple occupation whilst, as of the end of March 2018, nearly £250’000 had been dished out in fines to agencies failing to prove their tenants had Right to Rent and the likes of Purple Bricks are consistently in the news for misleading advertising practices.

Harry Albert Lettings & Estates is committed to following industry best practices, to remaining transparent and maintaining their client’s highest level of best interests in everything they do.

The agency went on to prove a point about how clear and transparent their pricing is by detailing their simple approach to pricing with regards to their three main services; Full management, tenant find only and home sales through their innovative No Seller Fee Sales strategy. You can read the full post below:

The agency has also hit out at the likes of ARLA PropertyMark who seem to take little to no action against the larger organisations, including Foxtons and Spicerhaart who are routinely convicted and fined for breaking the law as a result of their complete lack of regard for their landlord and tenant clients and still retain the ARLA PropertyMark branding.

ARLA PropertyMark claims to be the “foremost professional body for letting agents and [they] are raising the standards in residential lettings”, however, as per the evidence we have available in the several news reports of organisations breaking the law yet, a quick visit to their website proves the “foremost professional body for letting agents” are still happy for their branding to be associated with, frankly, unlawful organisations.

It has been claimed that estate and letting agents are one of the most complained about industries in the United Kingdom and it is no wonder when the “professional” body appears to take little action against those who routinely behave unprofessionally, often putting lives in danger.

Harry Albert Lettings & Estates believes it is important for clients of Foxtons and other similar organisations who fail to adhere to the UK laws set in place to protect their clients to consider choosing a different agent, one which will provide great value for money, are fully compliant and follows industry best practices.

For those living in Leicester, Nottingham and Derby who are thinking of changing to a more reliable and more reliable agent who possesses a high level of integrity, consider giving Harry Albert Lettings & Estates a call today and be safe in the knowledge your property is in the hands of someone who cares.

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