Leicester Homeowners Save Hundreds on Broadband, Gas & Electric

Save money on your household bills

One in ten people will purchase more than one service from their energy supplier, Which? Consumer Magazine revealed last month and it’s no wonder as to why when homeowners in Leicester can save up to £573 per year by doing so.

The savings made by Leicester homeowners, landlords and tenants switching your energy, broadband, home phone and mobile often cancel out the actual cost of the broadband and home phone itself. TalkTalk’s cheapest broadband deal, according to USwitch, costs £17 per month or £204 per year – the savings made by bundling all of your household bills into one could save nearly three times that!

Then, if we take mobile as well, USwitch show a healthy 24GB data package with unlimited texts and 2500 minutes from Virgin Media for £15 per month or £180 per year.  This means the cost of broadband and mobile are covered by the savings made by switching your most common household bills to the same company.

93% of Customers would recommend the Discount Club to their friends!

You’ll also benefit from one monthly bill making it easier to keep track of everything. One of the most common bank charges experienced by adults in the UK is a result of unpaid direct debits, an unpaid direct debit costs around £12, depending on who you bank with and it is all too easy to forget about a direct debit for one of your regular outgoings if they fall on different days. By having one single bill, you can budget your spending much easier. Just one of the reasons why 93% of their customers would recommend them to a friend!

When new customers switch their utilities and media and join The Discount Club, they’ll also be eligible for a lifetime supply of free LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are fantastic at saving you money; they can save up to 30% of the energy that traditional light bulbs use and they all come with a lifetime guarantee. They also fit them for you too. If one of the lightbulbs stop working, it is easy to order a replacement, free of charge.

The company has won several industry-leading awards from Which? consumer magazine including:

Which? Mobile Phone Provider April 2018
Which? Mobile Phone Provider Awards April 2018

Which? Utilities Brand of the Year Awards 2018
Which? Utilities Brand of the Year Awards 2018

Which? Broadband Provider Awards March 2018
Which? Broadband Provider Awards March 2018

Other awards they have won include:

  • Best Utilities Provider for Money Saving Tips and Gadgets in the 2017 Moneywise Home Finances awards.
  • Best Gas and Electricity Provider for Value for Money in the 2017 Moneywise Home Finances awards
  • Best Gas and Electricity Provider for Clarity of Bills in the 2017 Moneywise Home Finances awards
  • and more…

Homeowners, landlords and tenants are joining The Discount Club to benefit from massive savings, which are more sustainable than the savings promised by the big six energy suppliers because the company, founded in 1996, doesn’t spend money on advertising. Instead, they rely on word of mouth! Some of their members had this to say;

The company reimburses members any fees they pay, up to £200, to exit any contracts early to ensure you really are getting the best deal for you and the switchover is easy, it takes a couple of weeks and, if you need a new router when you switch your broadband, it will be sent to you before your service from your previous supplier is disconnected and your new, super fast, fibre optic broadband connection with no loss of service!

If you’d like to find out more and switch to a more simpler lifestyle, click here or go to: http://www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/connectuk

Exclusive to Discount Club members; you can sign up for the CashBack card to earn money on your everyday shopping – in-store or online – and any CashBack you earn will come off your utility bill – it makes life simple! Many members save hundreds of pounds a year. See how much you can save by taking the CashBack challengeThe average member, living in a household of three or more, saves up to £900 per year after factoring in the FREE LED Light Bulbs and free fitting, the savings from the Cashback Card and the savings from switching their household utilities and media providers.

Landlords who provide student accommodation or bills included, such as many of the HMOs and rooms to rent in Leicester will also benefit as they’ll be able to block outbound calls on the landline.

If you’re unsure and would like to book an appointment for one of their team to contact you or want to refer someone you know will appreciate saving money, fill in the contact form below:


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Businesses will also benefit from switching their utilities, more information for businesses looking to save money on their electricity, gas and broadband can be found by clicking here or visiting: https://www.leicesterpropertyinsight.co.uk/business-utilities

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