Landlords. Do you know the 125+ laws you need to abide by?

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Landlords up and down the country, including Leicester, have been on the receiving end of hefty fines, court orders preventing them from evicting bad tenants and even prison sentences.

It has been found that, beyond the basics of energy efficiency, gas safety, fire safety and deposit protection schemes, most landlords are blissfully unaware of the other 125 and growing individual pieces of legislation that landlords must abide by to remain on the right side of the law. The number of laws governing the private rented sector is set to grow with the rollout of the tenant fee ban, deposit cap and potential three-year minimum term tenancies.

Current proposals for three-year minimum term assured shorthold tenancy agreements will mean landlords or tenant can exercise a break clause at the six month period but landlords (or their agents) will not be able to evict the tenant using Section 21 before the end of the three year fixed term period whilst tenants can leave at any time with giving at least one months notice.

Thankfully, local Leicester letting agent, Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, has compiled a list of all the individual legislative acts that govern the law surrounding the private rented sector. You can view that list by clicking here or visiting:

With the growing laws, it is becoming increasingly advisable for landlords to seek the help of a reputable letting agent and property manager to ensure landlords can remain up to date with the laws governing their investment properties. Landlords with properties in Leicester will benefit from low cost, high-quality management services from Harry Albert Lettings & Estates. They’re a local letting agent in Leicester who specialise in maximising their client’s return on property investments; they do this by maximising incomes whilst keeping their fees low, enabling them to reinvest in the services they provide. The local property management specialist is committed to keeping things simple and easy for you to understand, so much so they can fit their fee structure on the back of a postage stamp! They charge a one-off set up fee of £100 per property that comes onto their books and £99 per tenant find, they then charge 7% of the rent due per month as a management fee.

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