What Does The Future Hold For Portfolio Landlords?

Street Sign: Changes Ahead

To let boardsA look into the private rented sector will lead you to think the world of Buy-to-let is about to fall apart. Bleak headlines and attacks from all side claiming landlords aren’t entering the market whilst others are leaving the market. We’re told we’re social parasites and the worst thing in the world but, rather than panicking, we should be pragmatic and seek advice from property professionals like Harry Albert Lettings & Estates who can help optimise their portfolio, maximise returns and earn you an income from your properties even during void periods. The idea of landlords achieving dismal returns over the next few years are just categorically false. In fact, many well-informed investors and property professionals are very positive about the health of the sector and their investments, especially when considering the longer term.

It’s estimated that as many as 22% of the UK households are in private rented accommodation and it is projected that this will increase to 25% by 2025 and as such, the sector will benefit from continued growth and increased rents over time as compliance costs rise and are absorbed and then some by the increased rental values. Whilst rising compliance costs, tax and legislative changes do present barriers, these should not be enough for landlords to decide to sell their whole portfolio and leave the market entirely.

To let boardWe’re encouraging our portfolio landlords to allow Harry Albert Lettings & Estates to assess their entire portfolio to identify areas where cost and efficiency savings could be made and where incomes can be maximised. Every landlord is different and Harry Albert Lettings & Estates will work with you to establish your objectives, your plans and goals and then take a detailed look at your properties and assess how best to reach your objectives and goals. They understand that every landlord is different, and so we’ll work with you to establish your objectives and then take a detailed look at your portfolio and see whether we can help you more easily reach those objectives.

Harry Albert Lettings & Estates are passionate about ensuring portfolios are working as hard as possible for their landlords (without the landlord having to work quite so hard) and they are experts at helping manage complex portfolios and they create a single point of contact for landlords who choose a fully managed service. This means that across your portfolio, you only need to speak to one person and your personal advisor will keep you updated on any changes to your investment, as often as you choose.

Harry Albert Lettings & Estates‘ regional coverage and local knowledge mean that they often spot fantastic investment opportunities that will enjoy property price growth and high rental yields, they know where the money is. So, visit their website to get in touch and see how much you could save on fees and how you can maximise your returns on your investment properties.

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