Engaging with Customers at a Human Level

When engaging with customers, it's easy to forget to connect with them on a personal level. Like robots, we see successful hard-sales as the goal but is it the best way forward?

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The Overfocus on Tangibles

Humans have limitations – most of us cannot see beyond the superficiality surrounding us. As a result, our businesses are mere sales; our lives are mere days; our thinking is merely tangible. By focusing on the “what” and “how” only, we miss the bigger picture of “why” and never reach our potential. Each of your competitors has sorted out the what and the how for themselves; the best way you can beat them is by understanding the ins and outs of your business more than them, and applying what you have learnt to maximise your gains.

You are in the business of creating spaces for humans. A human space is more than just a structure that provides shelter and comfort; a human space is personal to each individual. The day you understand that your place needs to be soulful is the day you will be elevated in your business and find new sections to work upon and improve. In the business of property development, a focus on personal space is not just vital, it’s a source of a competitive advantage understood by only a few.

A Personal Space

The idea of personal space is important to such a psychological degree that there is a field of science dedicated to studying it – called Proxemics (Merriam-Webster, 2018). With influences from culture and nonverbal communication, proxemics signifies a hidden dimension of human existence, only visible through careful observation and a higher level of conscious effort (Hall, 1963). Imagine what can the psychosocial and anthropological understanding of your customer can do for your business.

A lot, according to SEO AgencyMarketing Voice, human existence is far beyond the realms of a bodily, physical existence, extending to the territory of home and beyond (Moore, Hickson and Stacks, 2014). Your home territory is significant for our being because of a sense of control that humans find desirable, associated with being at home. Home is the space that an individual or an entity constructs as an extension of their emotional value. A value that cannot be measured by any tangible measurement tools, any money.

In the business of property development, you are the first point of contact in developing a personal space for an entity – you are the facilitator that enables a human bond that is as personal as emotions of love and care – elements that define us and make us human.

The 0,0,0,0

In an ever-changing world, home is a point of equilibrium – a point where it all comes to a halt and becomes peaceful. You, in the business of property development, are the creator of that 0,0,0,0 in the Space-Time Continuum (Ritsos, Green and Bardsley, 2016). A place that an entity can call its own but only if you put it the right way forward.

In the run to make the tallest or the most expensive building, we forget that tangible marketing only gets the public attention. If you want and desire a customer human connection, the portrayal of your services has to be more human, more emotion and philosophy based. You are not just another builder out of 100s of 1000s of options, you are a creator, a visionary that establishes a deeper connection with their customers. Do not undersell yourself.

A Refined Image

By demonstrating a level of maturity that is a prerequisite for understanding property development to the extent of engaging with customers through presenting a personal space, you will be representing a refined image – an image that helps you stand out – an image that shows that you are smart – an image that demonstrates the creative angle of your work.

100s of individuals are attracted by the business of property development each day but how many of them stand-out and become successful? There must be reasons for constant failure in the business sector under discussion. We reckon the main reason for failure here is the monotonous approach and the questionable motives of business that do not understand that if your aim is to make money, you must define what you stand for first.

In fact, the best way to sell is not to sell but create an image that your customers are willing to buy into and pay for. Not many novices understand the said principle of conducting a business and consider their customers to be cash cows that will pay for a need. People do pay for needs but when they are drowned in options, as in the case of property development, a competition on the basis of cutting prices is in no way enough and we suggest using the angle of personal space as a measure of connecting with your customers.

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