Councillors Urged To Reject Planning Application

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Parish and District Councillors have been urged to reject a planning application for a block of thirteen single flats in Glen Parva, Leicester. The Tobias Developments already has planning approval to go ahead with a block of eight flats on the plot already but the developers, in line with the Government objectives of building 300’000 new homes a year by 2025, have opted to increase the number of units within the block by five after recognising the high demand for properties in the area and the need for new housing to house Leicester’s growing population.

Local residents have objected to the plans stating it will cause too much congestion and will prove to be overbearing on the local residents.

builder in front of half-built houseThose who object also said the development would cause parking problems as there’s no turning space for vehicles however, this has not been an issue highlighted to local authorities previously and is hard to believe that this issue will only present itself in the event of thirteen new people living in the area.

The one bed flats in Blaby will be built, if planning is approved, on Blue Banks Avenue which, at both ends of the avenue are adjoining roads meaning cars shouldn’t really be turning around in the middle of the road anyway. We can assume an extra five cars (as the previous planning application which has been approved is for eight single units) isn’t going to exacerbate things further so, what is the problem?

Blaby District Council’s planning committee will discuss the planning application on Thursday 24th May at 4:30pm.

The opinion of Leicester Property Insight is that the plans should be approved to go ahead based on our government objectives and the fact five extra residents in the area isn’t going to cause a problem.

Elsewhere in Blaby…

Leicester 2050 Consultation Extended

People are being given more time to comment on plans about how Leicester and Leicestershire could grow in the future as part of the Leicester 2050 Vision for Growth.

Leicester Strategy DiagramThe draft Strategic Growth Plan has been out for consultation since 11th January. The consultation was due to close at the beginning of April, but the closing date for people to give their views has now been extended to Thursday 10 May 2018.

The plan has been developed by a partnership formed by Leicester City and Leicestershire County councils, the seven local borough and district authorities and the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP).

It puts forward proposals for the new housing and transport improvements that would be needed to attract jobs and investment to Leicester and Leicestershire from now until 2050.

Fraudsters Latest Scam Targets The Elderly Community of Leicester and Leicestershire

Leicestershire Police LogoLocal police in Blaby and other parts of Leicester seen an increase in reports of fraudsters targeting elderly or vulnerable members of our community by telephone pretending to be from a bank or similar organisation. The caller will typically warn victims that their money is in danger and that they must move their money into a “safe” place.

In most instances, the person making the call already knows some details about the person they are trying to scam, perhaps their name or who they are currently saving with making the fraud more believable.

The fraudster impersonates banking officials, the police or telecoms officials in order to gain the victim’s trust and encourage elderly and vulnerable members of our community to hand over their hard earned cash.

Needless to say the victims never see their money again.

If you know an elderly friend, neighbour or relative let them know that:

  • Banks will never contact their customers and ask for personal account details or pins,
  • Banks will never contact their customers and request transfer of savings. And;
  • Likewise we, the police, will never request personal account details or request a transfer of savings.

You can also show any elderly friends or relatives the 30 second video below to help them to protect what might be their life savings;

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