Changes To How Landlords Carry Out Gas Safety Checks Come Into Force This Week

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Gas Safe LogoNew regulations will be introduced this week bringing major changes to gas safety checks for landlords, less than a week after the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards came into effect today, changing the current gas safety legislation; the amendment, Gas Safety (Installation and Use) (Amendment) Regulations 2018, allow for greater flexibility in when landlords can carry out their gas safety check without losing the current expiry date.

Under the current system, some landlords are incentivised to wait until the last minute to carry out gas safety checks so they do not lose a month or so expiry of the current certificate. Carrying out gas safety checks last minute may lead to access problems, unavailability of trained gas safe technicians, etc.

When do gas safety changes come into effect?

The changes are coming into effect on the 6th April 2018 and will allow gas safety checks to be carried out up to two months before the expiration date on their current certificate whilst still retaining the same expiration day and month for the following year. This means there will be absolutely no excuse to fail to carry out the legally required gas safety checks. By not shortening the annual lifecycle of the current gas safety certificate, landlords will be less incentivised to carry out safety checks at the last minute.

The new rules are not a way of relaxing or circumventing the need for a gas safety check but instead to provide landlords with the flexibility of carrying out their legal obligations by providing landlords more control over when they have the checks carried out whilst still being able to “get their monies worth” for their current certificate.

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Changes To How Landlords Carry Out Gas Safety Checks Come Into Force This Week 1

Alternatively, you can instruct a Gas Safe engineer to carry out the works for you if you don’t want to take advantage of the exclusive offer above. Doing so will set you back between £35 and £50 or more, depending on where you live. What is important, though, is that they are a registered, qualified Gas Safe engineer.

You can search for a registered, qualified Gas Safe engineer by clicking here.

What are the risks of unchecked gas appliances?

Without regularly serviced gas safety appliances, you put your tenants and yourself if you’re a resident occupier and those around the property in danger. The risks of unchecked gas appliances can range from gas leaks which, by its combustible nature, can be extremely dangerous due to the risk of explosions or fire to Carbon Monoxide poisoning, the silent killer.

If you think you can smell gas, take action and call 0800 111 999 immediately.

Find out more information on this on the Gas Safe CO poisoning page, but remember, carbon monoxide poisoning is another potentially deadly consequence of having poorly maintained or unsafe gas appliances in your home.

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