Buying a Property In Leicester? It’s a Safe Bet

Leicester has been voted as the 13th safest city in the UK in a major study by


For landlords searching for their next investment property, one thing you may consider is how safe your property is likely to be in the market you consider purchasing. For example, purchasing properties in certain parts of Beaumont Leys, Braunstone and New Parks may present a higher risk to your houses and flats than buying a home in Belgrave, Thurmaston or Syston as these areas typically benefit from lower crime rates, including fewer burglaries and fewer violent crimes.

Even with consideration of the slightly higher crime rate in other parts of Leicester, Leicester was named as one of the safest places in Britain to live and own property in a major UK survey by Compare the Market, the results of the survey were published earlier this month.

Protecting your finances and investments, which includes your rented properties and your own home is often amongst the top priorities of property investors and homeowners alike. Many landlords with properties in Leicester hold the safety of their tenants in high regard too, after all, if harm comes to them and they’re unable to pay the rent, we all lose out.

Adding to the safety of Leicester in terms of low crime is a number of other factors including low ground movement (at just 1% over the year) and a very low risk of severe flooding (currently set at 0%, this is due to how elevated Leicester is in comparison to the rest of the UK) and only 11 days of thunder, on average, per year!

There is also a large number of healthcare provisions in Leicester, in fact, there are 75 doctors to every one hundred residents of Leicester and 85% of ambulances arrive at the scene of emergencies in Leicester in less than eight minutes with an average response time of 4minutes and 40 seconds and more than 75% of patients admitted to A&E having to wait less than 4 hours.

The city compares well in terms of property prices to, with an average property value of less than £165’000 and the study aims to offer first-time buyers and property investors an insight into the safety appeal of different areas and highlighted the security offered in different areas of the UK.

However, we feel Leicester hasn’t been given credit where it is due. Though they were ranked at number 13, when it comes to the response time of ambulances and the average 4 minute 40 second wait, we feel it allows Leicester to maintain a more superior position to some of the cities which were listed higher than Leicester, including Belfast who was listed as the second safest city to live in the UK who has an average response time of more than five minutes, we also benefit from lower house prices than Birmingham (listed as the safest city in the UK) and has one of the country’s lowest numbers of robberies.

Overall, there are only 183 crimes committed per 1’000 people who live in Leicester which puts us in a much better position than our neighbours in Nottingham and the likes of Liverpool and Wolverhampton and other North-Westerly cities.

Coming up the rear and reckoned to be the least safe city in the UK is Peterborough which strikes us as surprising given the progressive nature of the city, just recently, the Cambridge University, an hour’s drive away from Peterborough, banned clapping in exchange for Jazz Hands for fear the noise made by clapping might offend somebody and rejected Remembrance Day because fighting for the freedom of our land is offensive to certain members of their student union.

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